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Universal powders, rifle powder IMR 4895 and pistol/shotgun

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Universal powders
This is a project that I have been working on since Eeyore started it on another forum. Manuals are full of loadings for the various cartridges but only very few work well or safely in specific rifles like the M1, M1A or Mini-14. Good bolt actions are much more forgiving they will digest loads that will wreck autoloaders. To keep this from happening, I intend to load every thing to meet auto loader requirements.

For safety purposes, I will work up to these listed loads as targets to be carefully worked up to in my particular rifles. These where and I have found other calibers for the same rifle powder IMR 4895 and pistol/shotgun powder Red Dot. This will allow me to buy an 8 pound keg or two to stock while we can still get power easily. You can get about these many rounds loaded of IMR 4895 rounds per 8 lb keg; 3006- 1145 rds, 308- 1218 rds, & 223- 2137 rds. and Red Dot shells per 4 lb keg about1600 rds.

M1 Garand
147 - 155 grain FMJ or HPBT bullets IMR 4895 - 49.0 grains
165/168 grain FMJ, HP or SP bullets IMR 4895 - 47.0 grains
173/175 grain FMJ or HPBT bullets IMR 4895 - 46.0 grains
180 grain FMJ, SP or HPBT bullets IMR 4895 - 43.0 grains

M1A 7.62mm NATO
147gr FMJ, IMR 4895 44.5gr,
150.5gr Armor Piercing, M61 (black tip), IMR 4475 41gr
150gr Sierra ProHunter Sp, IMR 4895 40.5 grains (max)
168gr Sierra MK, 39.5 to 40.5 grains of IMR4895.
168 gr Sierra Hollow Point Boattail Match, M852 IMR 4895 42 gr
173 gr boat tailed bullet Special Ball, M118 IMR 4895 42 gr

Mini-14 reloading 223’s
25 gr of IMR-4895 with 55gr bullets

SKS 7.62x39mm
122 to 125 Grain Bullets, 27.0 to 29.0 gr IMR-4895
150 gr Speer soft points (.311 dia), 28 gr IMR 4895

22-250 Rem.
55 Grain Bullet, IMR-4895 From 30.0 grains to 35.5 grains
69 and 70 Grain Bullets, IMR-4895 From 28.0 grains to 32.0 grains

7.35 Carcano
128 Grain Bullet, IMR-4895 From 36.0 grains to 40.0 grains
150 Grain Bullet, IMR-4895 From 32.0 grains to 38.0 grains

30-30 Winchester
IMR-4895 From 26.4 grains to 35.5 grains 150 Grain Bullet
IMR-4895 From 24.5 grains to 31.5 grains 170 Grain Bullet

38 Special
Red Dot 2.8 grains to 4.2 grains 158 to 160 Grain Bullets

.45 ACP
Red Dot From 3.5 grains to 6.1 grains 185 gr Bullets
Red Dot From 4.4 grains to 5.5 grains 225 to 230 Grain Bullets

Shotshell Shotshell 12 Gauge
2 3/4-in. Win. Plastic AA Shells
1 1/8 shot wt. Win. 209 Red Dot 17 .5 gr
2 3/4-in. Rem.-Peters Unibody SP Plastic Shells
1 1/8 shot wt. Win. 209 Red Dot 17 gr
20 FLECHETTES.(1 inch) in a shot cup 14.0 gr Red Dot

I am still working on reduced loads built around Red Dot too for 30’06 & 308. Trying for heavy, lead cast bullets at 1000 to 1300 fps that only use 12 to 14 grains to do it. They are very quiet yet pack a fair punch at 100 or 150 yards close to the old black powder rounds.
Although it costs a lot all at once, an 8 pound keg has advantages:
1. you pay the same $20.00 hazmet fee as for shipping a 1 pound can as several 8 lb kegs
2. you assure burn rate consistency in every load (Military surplus powders, especially, often have big lot-to-lot variations).
3. You won’t be trapped without enough powder by the up coming government back door gun control regulations that we know are coming.

This article was taken from the best forum on the Web that is dealing with preparedness issues.  You can contact 230gr. There if you would like